cling on on by fingernails

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cling on/hang on by your fingernails

if you are clinging on by your fingernails, you are only just managing to avoid danger or failure (usually in continuous tenses) We're hanging on by our fingernails and hoping that it rains before we lose our entire crop.
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Jemma added: "Being a dental nurse I know all about good hygiene practices, and also know just what a breeding ground for bacteria fingernails are.
Both fingernails and toenails take approximately six months to grow from base to tip.
The kit includes 24 fingernails in 12 sizes and 24 toenails in 12 sizes, nail art for a little extra glitz, glue and instructions.
I think (the new rules are) helpful because when you only fly with a carry-on, you would want things like a tweezers and a fingernail file or fingernail clippers," said Angie Doornebos of Eugene, who was on her way to Phoenix, Ariz.
The recommended dosage for toenails, with or without fingernail involvement, is 200 mg/day for 12 consecutive weeks.
His response this time was to reduce the fingernail element of his Baltic exhibition.
The fingernail index for each individual was calculated by summing the quotients of the length to the width of each fingernail and dividing by eight.
Note: Jane's fingernails are not as opulent as Donyale's.
Fingernails can be set in diamonds and other precious stones and those with individual designs often sell for many thousands of pounds.
Described as an ultra-cool, precision tool for cool dudes, well groomed men and stylish ladies, the Clyppi fingernail clipper is an ergonomic fingernail cutter designed to suit the shape of the human hand.
Retailers may order God's Fingernail through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors.
2, was designed to visually mimic the damage caused by fingernail mar at calculated velocities ranging from 0.
Areas with most fingernail salons are: 1 South London, 2 Liverpool, 3 Essex, 4 Central Birmingham, 5 South Manchester, 6 Newcastle, 7 Leeds, 8 Leicester, 9 Croydon, 10 Sheffield.
Because I now associate my fingernail inspections with writing these columns, I try to keep the little dingus I use to cut them on the desk at which I write.
A fingernail replaces itself in about six months while a toenail takes a year.