finger on the pulse

your finger on the pulse (of something)

knowledge of what is happening now in a particular area They've got their finger on the pulse of popular culture in Latvia.
See also: finger, on, pulse
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Nicola, who started Finger on the Pulse in her living room, has pledged a pounds 100,000-plus advance to the Live8 charity.
newspaper, the Sunday Star, reported that "Uncle Sam beginning September 1 is going to put his finger on the pulse of crime in America.
Rupert Murdoch definitely has his finger on the pulse of this project.
Our 25 publications and digital library -- featuring quick-read newsletters, analytical annual reports, training handbooks, sales guides, and restaurant chain profiles -- help industry leaders keep a finger on the pulse of the entire foodservice terrain.
For more information, contact Casio on 0181 450 9131Time lord:: Keep your finger on the pulse with the JP 200 WX timepiece, designed to display your optimum pulse rate and aerobic range.
Keeping its finger on the pulse of all things passionate, Malibu Rum(R) today announced findings from its "Malibu Rum Passion Pulse of America" poll conducted by Harris Interactive(R).