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chew it finer

To put into simpler terms. The phrase likely originated with American cowboys. Can you chew it finer? I don't understand that convoluted explanation you just gave. I always make sure to chew it finer when I have to explain mathematical concepts to people not in the field.
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the finer points of (something)

The more nuanced, specific, or complicated details or aspects of something. It's nice to be able to discuss the finer points of Victorian literature with someone who has studied the subject.
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finer than frog hair

1. Very thin. "Finer than frog's hair" can also be used. I'm not a fan of fettucine—I like my pasta to be finer than frog hair.
2. Very good or excellent. Wow, that dress is finer than frog hair—you look gorgeous!
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the finer points of

the more complex or detailed aspects of.
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finer than frog hair

n. fine; good. (Pseudo folksy. Note the interpretation of fine.) This chair is just fine...finer than frog hair in fact.
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In addition to having an internal cooling systems, some grinders, have specialty blades designed specifically for creating that finer grind.
Finer and her connections, he met people who helped him sort through the intricacies of patent law, product management and payrolls.
This sophisticated play structure, guaranteed to appeal to players with a desire for something finer than the average hum-drum slot game, as well as the fact that they can earn up to 61 350 coins in Champagne and Diamonds alone, and over 90 000 in the Wild Celebration feature.
The finer sea salt is in demand from commercial customers who wish to incorporate it in food products, and will also be on sale in delis and food stores, along with our existing range.
This metalcaster was not performing testing to validate grain size in its castings, so there wasn't a way to know if the grain refiner addition process was producing the finer grains desired in the castings.
Moreover, in the days before the FDA approved "the pill" in 1961, premarital sexual activity, if it was as widespread as the Finer report suggests, would have unquestionably resulted in a very high rate of out-of-wedlock births and/or pregnant brides at the altar.
World Finer Foods--a distributor-owned cooperative whose shareholders include specialty food distributors Kehe, Millbrook, DPI and Tree of Life--will create a new division, consolidating both Liberty Richter and Emerging Brands clients, and utilizing the name of Liberty Richter.
Pittsburgh, has a bead size similar to EPS, enabling finer molding detail, thinner part walls, and reduced cushion thickness.
A 'must' for any involved in the sport's finer issues.
99) will especially appeal to artists who use digital media and want to know the finer points of using the artist tablet with Photoshop.
The area's visitors and residents have a true appreciation for the finer things in life, from quality apparel and accessories to high-end restaurants.
Since spring training, Choi has spent countless hours working with coaches Tim Wallach and Manny Mota on the finer points of hitting.
it enforces a critique of the Western mythos whilst renegotiating its finer aspects.
During two weeks of intensive coursework, the ambassadors-to-be learn the finer points of their new job: staff management, media relations, and other diplomatic skills.