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A more comprehensive measure of fineness (in sub-micrometer levels) can be achieved by laser particle size analysis, but it is yet to get widespread adoption & used mainly as a research tool.
The so-called "re-identification condition" has played an important role in the most prominent argument for nonconceptualism, the argument from fineness of grain.
Whereas it's easy to read a particularly American optimism into the easy embrace of the auto-fine, Russians seem almost congenitally unable to fake fineness.
The variety CIM-556 carried maximum dominant genes for seed index and fiber length although variety CIM-786 possessed supreme dominant genes for number of bolls and fiber fineness.
There are profound benefits in performance and sustainability of concrete structures made with portland cement blended with limestone, but careful attention must be given to the fineness of the Limestone portion, say V.
The DGD Standard is the only globally accepted and relevant standard for 1kg gold bars with a minimum of 995 fineness, as well as the physical delivery standard at the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) for futures contracts traded.
Every trained barista knows the importance of the right coffee powder fineness in creating the most delightful espresso experience.
Which unit of weight is used to measure the fineness of tights?
End products have a high fineness and a narrow particle size distribution with minimum ultra fines typical for air classifier mills in general but up to now often unachievable with fibrous materials.
The results showed that the range in fiber fineness among the five harvesting modes was 1659-1958 m/g.
Loevinger (1954, Loevinger, Glaser & DuBois, 1953) distinguished two aspects that we shall consider here: fineness and probability.