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They are especially important in developing the theme of romantic love with real fineness of feeling and thus helping to prepare the way for Shakspere in a very important particular.
The material was sand of every degree of fineness and of various rich colors, commonly mixed with a little clay.
He had handled millions without ever enjoying anything of what is counted as precious in the community of men, because he had neither the brutality of temperament nor the fineness of mind to make him desire them with the will power of a masterful adventurer .
He greatly admired the fineness of the dresses; nor could he help observing upon the king's countenance.
It was a task requiring the utmost nicety and precision, and I could not but admire the way he tempered his strength to the fineness and delicacy of the need.
Rawdon at length had pity upon her admirer, and calling to Briggs, praised the fineness of the weather to her and bade her to take out the child for a walk.
It was just for this fineness of perception, for this delicacy, that Darya Alexandrovna liked Levin.
In place of the usual deer-skin belt, he wore around his body a tarnished silken sash of the most gaudy colours; the buck-horn haft of his knife was profusely decorated with plates of silver; the marten's fur of his cap was of a fineness and shadowing that a queen might covet; the buttons of his rude and soiled blanket-coat were of the glittering coinage of Mexico; the stock of his rifle was of beautiful mahogany, riveted and banded with the same precious metal, and the trinkets of no less than three worthless watches dangled from different parts of his person.
But they were both up very early for all that, and had small appetites for breakfast and less for dinner, and were in a state of great excitement when Barbara's mother came in, with astonishing accounts of the fineness of the weather out of doors (but with a very large umbrella notwithstanding, for people like Barbara's mother seldom make holiday without one), and when the bell rang for them to go up stairs and receive their quarter's money in gold and silver.
The fibers have a fineness of 2-50 denier, a length of 5-100 mm and 4-30 crimps per inch.
Significance - The water content affects every property of green sand, with the exception of grain fineness number of the base sand.
Tenders are invited for Annual Contract For Sampling And Analysis Of Coal Mill Fineness And Collection Of Fly Ash, Bottom Ash And Analysis Of Coal Mill Reject And Ash Slurry Sample From Unit 2 To 7 At Cstps, Chandrapur
The topsheet is constructed from a hydrophobic first layer of polypropylene fibers having a fineness of .
The cracking, he said, is a result of the core binder system and the fineness of the sand.
Pressure build-up in the mold (back pressure) changes with sand fineness, amount of compaction, and amount and decomposition of binders and additives.