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fine-tune something

1. Lit. to make delicate adjustments in some mechanical or electronic device. It took a while to fine-tune the flute, but it was worth it.
2. Fig. to make small alterations in a plan or procedure. We need to spend some time fine-tuning the scheme, then we will seek approval.
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0 includes a standard set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to popular MES systems for tracking and responding dynamically to shop floor events -- an execution capability that fine-tunes the plan and enables the enterprise to react quickly to unscheduled events.
0 will enable our industry focus teams to further fine-tune our planning and scheduling solutions to meet the industry-specific requirements of our customers," said Kameron Hadavi, vice president of Paragon's Industry Focus Group.
Drive Tuner fine-tunes drive and array performance within user-defined prepress, digital video, server, general application, and even custom environments, with a single mouse click and allows users to perform real-world benchmarks to compare before-and-after results.