fine for

fine (someone) for (something)

To charge one a monetary fee as a punishment for something they've done. Aw man, I only left my car in the fire zone for a few minutes, and they fined me for it.
See also: fine

fine someone for something

to demand a monetary penalty from someone for having done something. The judge fined her for speeding. The agency fined our company for having the wrong kind of tank to store waste oil.
See also: fine
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Gray Davis' signature would require at least a $3,000 fine for businesses and cities that fail to file monthly reports on how much they pollute local waterways - a measure that would close a loophole in state water law, a report being released today says.
Under current law, a company faces a $1,000 fine for not filing its self- monitoring report - though that is rarely enforced - but faces a much larger financial penalty if a company files a report showing it violated its pollution limits.
But Howard and Cicero refused to cooperate and got hit with the maximum fine for each violation.
Frank Cordon, a candidate for the proposed Valley city's council, got out of a fine for illegally placed signs by telling a hearing officer he didn't know he broke the law.
The sharp increase in the fine for running a red light is the result of legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Kevin Shelley, D-San Francisco.