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fall at the final hurdle

To fail to accomplish some task or goal at the very end of the attempt. Negotiations between the two warring countries fell at the final hurdle due to disagreements over cross-border taxation.
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final cut

The completed and finalized edited version of a film, as authorized by its director and producer. We finished shooting last week, but it will likely be another several months before we're ready with the final cut.
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final nail in the coffin

An event, decision, action, etc., that seals, confirms, or ultimately leads to the failure of a situation or event that has already begun to fail. The candidate's uncouth comments toward the lower class were the final nail in the coffin of an already foundering campaign.
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the Final Solution

The Nazi program of annihilating all Jews in Europe during the reign of the Third Reich, an act of mass genocide that led to the murder of more than six million Jews. My great-grandfather was one of only a few Jews in his city to survive the Final Solution in Germany during World War II.
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(one's) final resting place

The location where one's body is interred after death. After I die, I want my ashes to be buried with the seed of an oak, so that instead of a headstone, I might have a new, living tree mark my final resting place.
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final hurrah

A last action before one ceases to do something. It's so good to see all of you at this meeting, my final hurrah before retirement. But this performance is your final hurrah before graduation—you have to do it!
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another nail in the coffin

Another negative event or action that contributes to one's downfall or to something's failure. Aw man, our rival's new product just came out to rave reviews. There's another nail in the coffin. If my parents find out that I failed my exam, it will be another nail in the coffin, and they may never let me go out again!
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in the final analysis

When everything has been considered; when all the facts are known or the truth has come to light. In the final analysis, it is the lowest earners in society who have been worst hit by this economic downturn. Rebarbative though he may be, in the final analysis, his dismissal comes down to his incompetency at the job.
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final fling

Fig. the last act or period of enjoyment before a change in one's circumstances or lifestyle. You might as well have a final fling before the baby's born. Mary's going out with her girlfriends for a final fling. She's getting married next week.
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in the final analysis

 and in the last analysis
in truth; when all the facts are known; when the truth becomes known. (Usually used when someone is speculating about what the final outcome will be.) In the final analysis, it is usually the children who suffer most in a situation like this. In the last analysis, you simply do not want to do as you are told!
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*last word

 and *final word; *final say
Fig. the final point (in an argument); the final decision (in some matter). (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give some one ~.) The boss gets the last word in hiring. Why do you always have to have the final word in an argument?
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one final word

 and one final thing
Fig. a phrase introducing a parting comment or the last item in a list. John: One final word—keep your chin up. Mary: Good advice! And one final thing, don't haul around a lot of expensive camera stuff. It just tells the thieves who to rob.
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in the final analysis

also in the last analysis
when all the facts are considered In the final analysis, the failure of the rescue mission was the result of bad timing and bad weather.
Related vocabulary: at the end of the day
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have the final say

also have the last say
to have the authority to make decisions Brown wanted to have the final say on the film's script, music, and costumes. In many families, the mother has the last say on the children's education and activities.
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in the final analysis

something that you say when you are talking about what is most important or true in a situation In the final analysis, the only people who will benefit are property owners.
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the final curtain

the end of something, usually something that has lasted for a long time As the final curtain fell on the longest match in tennis history, Agassi emerged victorious.
See another nail in the coffin, the final straw, have the final word
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another nail in the coffin

  also the final nail in the coffin
an event which causes the failure of something that had already started to fail (usually + of ) I think that argument was the final nail in the coffin of our friendship.
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the final/last straw

the last in a series of unpleasant events which finally makes you feel that you cannot continue to accept a bad situation One night he came home drunk at 5 o'clock in the morning and that was the last straw. He'd been unhappy at work for a long time but the last straw came when he was refused promotion. (often + for ) Lucy leaving was the last straw for him and he pretty much gave up the will to live.
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have the final/last word

1. to say the last statement in a discussion or argument Tim can't bear to lose an argument. He always has to have the last word.
2. to make the final decision about something (usually + on ) Our head chef has the final word on what is served each week.
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in the final analysis

Also, in the last analysis. When all things are considered. For example, In the final analysis we must find ways to improve our sales, or I can, in the last analysis, talk only about my own work. This expression was at first put as in the ultimate analysis. [Late 1700s]
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/last straw
The final annoyance or setback, which even though minor makes one no longer able to endure something.
References in classic literature ?
The vast majority, however, were simply the worn-out parts of the great merciless packing machine; they had toiled there, and kept up with the pace, some of them for ten or twenty years, until finally the time had come when they could not keep up with it any more.
Finally Zad, realizing that he was tiring more than I, evidently decided to close in and end the battle in a final blaze of glory for himself; just as he rushed me a blinding flash of light struck full in my eyes, so that I could not see his approach and could only leap blindly to one side in an effort to escape the mighty blade that it seemed I could already feel in my vitals.
It was now eight o'clock, and she had returned from the Casino after finally losing all that she possessed.
It was an hour before the apes could again bring themselves to approach the cabin to continue their investigations, and when they finally did so, they found to their chagrin that the door was closed and so securely fastened that they could not force it.
Some strength came to him finally from the mere struggle, undirected and misdirected as it often was, and such mental fibre as he had was toughened by the prolonged stress.
The heat of the vertical rays of the sun was fast making our horrible prisons unbearable, so that after passing a low divide, and entering a sheltering forest, we finally discarded the Mahar skins that had brought us thus far in safety.
Finally we had the satisfaction of seeing the vessel rise out of the mud and float slowly upstream with the tide.
It was almost dark before the lion finally quit the clearing, and even had his place beside the remnants of the mangled ape not been immediately usurped by a pack of hyenas, Jane Clayton would scarcely have dared venture from her refuge in the face of impending night, and so she composed herself as best she could for the long and tiresome wait, until daylight might offer some means of escape from the dread vicinity in which she had witnessed such terrifying adventures.
When Bertha Kircher had repeated Usanga's proposition to the aviator, the latter shrugged his shoulders and with a wry face finally agreed.
The poor fellows went almost white with terror at the prospect of close contact with the panther and the apes in the narrow confines of the canoes; but when Kaviri explained to them that there was no escape--that Bwana Tarzan would pursue them with his grim horde should they attempt to run away from the duty--they finally went gloomily down to the river and took their places in the canoe.
The outcome of it was that von Horn finally decided to make an attempt to follow the trail of the creature that the woman had seen, and with this plan in view persuaded Muda Saffir to arrange with the chief of the long-house at which they then were to furnish him with trackers and an escort of warriors, promising them some splendid heads should they be successful in overhauling Bulan and his pack.
The ape-man's new friend finally succeeded in making himself heard, and when he had done talking the men and women of the village vied with one another in doing honor to the strange creature who had saved their fellow and battled single-handed with fierce Numa.
Diana didn't see why, if you had an imagination at all, you couldn't stretch it to that extent; but probably Anne knew best, and the chore boy was finally christened ROBERT RAY, to be called BOBBY should occasion require.
Queen Zixi of Ix came after; then John Dough and the Cherub, with the rubber bear named Para Bruin strutting between them on its hind legs; then the Queen of Merryland, escorted by her wooden soldiers; then King Bud of Noland and his sister, the Princess Fluff; then the Queen of Ev and her ten royal children; then the Braided Man and the Candy Man, side by side; then King Dox of Foxville and King Kik-a-bray of Dunkiton, who by this time had become good friends; and finally Johnny Dooit, in his leather apron, smoking his long pipe.
Finally a neighbor said to them, "If you go on in this way, you will soon destroy by frequent use the pleasure of your exchange, and each will again wish to retain the fruits of his own sport.