last word

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*last word

 and *final word; *final say
Fig. the final point (in an argument); the final decision (in some matter). (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give some one ~.) The boss gets the last word in hiring. Why do you always have to have the final word in an argument?
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your/the last/final ˈword (on/about something)

your, etc. final decision or statement about something: ‘Will you take £900?’ ‘No, £1 000 and that’s my last word.’Is that your final word on the matter?
See also: final, last, word
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JURGEN KLOPP will be given the final say on any new Liverpool arrivals during the January transfer window.
ALAN Irvine says he will have a final say in any new signings made by West Bromwich Albion in the January window.
Peter Sartain to have the final say in whom LCWR selects for presenters and honorees at their meetings.
ROY HODGSON insists he will retain the final say on transfers despite the appointment of Damien Comolli as Liverpool's new director of football strategy.
TERMINALLY-ILL patients should have the final say on their treatment when the risks and benefits are finely balanced, according to new guidance for doctors to be published today.
Lucy: I like the idea of someone who knows the rules having the final say.
But Jelavic, who had scored for Vienna in the first encounter, had the final say with 14 minutes remaining.
THE REFEREE has the final say on whether a football match will be interrupted and the police are obliged to comply with that.
But by this year men in only 20 per cent of households have the final say on financial matters, down from 22 per cent in 1992, while during the same period the number of women who have the final say rose from 10 per cent to more than 12 per cent.
But the Harvard-Westlake of Studio City goalkeeper had the final say Wednesday, delivering the knockout punch to end visiting Royal's season in the second round of the Southern Section Div.
The conservative coalition government, which would have the final say on any buyout plan and faces a national election next year, will be aware of potential pitfalls such as the possible loss of jobs and unprofitable routes in regional Australia.
20 that they would have the final say in any possible sale to Spain's Banco Santander Central Hispano, which has bought almost a quarter of Sovereign's stock in the past year.
But Connecticut's Democratic voters, who ought to have the final say in which Democrat represents them, told Lieberman to take a hike, and that's reason enough for HRC to withdraw its endorsement from the now "independent" senatorial candidate.
Under Iran's system of clerical rule, Khamenei has final say on all government policy.
Although All and his wife, Lonnie, "agreed in advance to certain obvious limitations, limitations that arise from Muhammad's beliefs," says Sillerman, "other than that, final say [about products and marketing] rests with CKX.