fill a void

fill a/the void

to replace something important that you have lost, or to provide something important that you need The country needs a strong leader to help fill the void left by the death of the president. Religion helped me fill a void in my life.
See also: fill, void
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Young players are trying to fill a void and in some cases they have, and in some cases they haven't.
When you have players out there trying to fill a void, that inexperience will show up at times.
In the March 9 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Anthony Rosatoand his co-workers conclude that the size difference among balls makes it more likely that a small, rather than a large, ball will fill a void that may open during the shaking process; for a large ball to move down in the can, several small balls must simultaneously move out of the way, whereas it only takes the movement of one large ball to create a void that several small balls can fall into.
Officials say they are seeking to fill a void in the northeast San Fernando Valley, which has few performance outlets.
8, 2001 to fill a void in the adult product online auction category.
The StreetAdvisor strives to fill a void in the burgeoning online investing arena.