file with

file something with someone or something

to submit an application or a document to someone or a group. You must file this copy with the state office. I will file this with my boss.
See also: file
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A second release containing the remaining 43 forms and schedules that companies can file with their 1120/1120S returns was successfully implemented on August 9, 2004.
The requirement applies to all tax practitioners who file with California regardless of the state in which they themselves are located.
A clerk requires much less time to find a document in a file with only one year of relevant information than in one containing 10 years' worth especially if the larger file includes junk along with what is valuable.
A practical use of text importing and splitting is turning a client's text-format trial balance data into a spreadsheet file with the account balances in separate columns.
MAS 90's Report Master feature lets you create custom reports based on MAS 90 data and print such reports directly to a file with a Lotus data format.
Traditionally, users sharing a specific file with a group of people have sent each user in the group a separate copy of the file, consuming bandwidth as well as storage space.
For more information regarding potential risks see the "Risk Factors" section of our most recent reports on Form 10-K and Form 10-Q on file with the SEC.