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filch something (from someone)

Sl. to grab or steal something from someone. The young boy filched a candy bar from the store. Who filched my wallet from me?

filch something (from someone/something)

tv. to grab or steal something from someone. Who filched my wallet from me?
See also: filch

filch something

See also: filch
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LARGER PREMISES ADP Directors, from left, Peter Cornish, David Filcher and Anthony Ingledew join Maxine Horth of One North East at the firm's new premises at Noble Street Industrial Estate.
1625: It appears that at the end of the winter of 1625, Wollaston and a partner, Rasdall, discouraged with their prospects in New England, departed for Virginia with thirty of the indentured servants, leaving the Wollaston trading-post in the care of another partner, Lieutenant Filcher.
An even stronger echo of "Ordered South" can be heard in the occasional whisper of the invalid above the din and clamor of high adventure in his subsequent travelogues, a reminder of the real purpose behind all activity for Stevenson: "Every bit of brisk living, and above all when it is healthful, is just so much gained upon the wholesale filcher, death.
because he did not have a legal exemption and was trouble maker and a filcher (larapio).
Calling originality "that chimaera which is the curse of many aspiring poets," Ngangom admits in his preface to "suffering from an extreme poverty of experience" and becoming "an incurable filcher," culling ideas from his drinking buddies, while "the course of many of these poems" has been charted by the "innate musical sense" of a Professor Noorul Hasan.
Filcher - John Filcher, 82, of Eugene, died May 30.