figure out

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figure someone or something out

to begin to comprehend someone or something; to come to understand someone or something better. I just can't figure you out. I can't figure out quiet people readily.
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figure somebody out

also figure out somebody
to understand why someone behaves the way they do I've never been able to figure her out. Could anyone ever figure out my parents?
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figure out something

also figure something out
to understand something by thinking about it After I figured out that I would earn only eighty cents an hour, I said forget it. She spent an hour trying to install the software, but John finally figured it out.
Related vocabulary: puzzle out something
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figure out

1. Discover or determine, as in Let's figure out a way to help. [Early 1900s]
2. Solve or decipher, as in Can you figure out this puzzle? [Early 1800s]
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figure out

1. To discover or decide something: Let's figure out a way to help. We figured out when to hold the next meeting.
2. To solve or decipher something: Can you figure this puzzle out? Late into the night, I figured out my homework assignment.
See also: figure, out
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I want to figure out what's the best thing for Orel,'' Johnson said.
We're going to have to figure out what's going on in the first inning,'' said McClendon, the Pittsburgh Pirates' big-league hitting coach.
If the bone scan reveals a stress fracture, we'll run more tests to figure out why.
I've always said that it's a long season and you've just got to try to do the best you can until you can figure out what's going on,'' Fielder said.
It didn't take much for Michaels to figure out what he was doing wrong prior to getting his clutch hit.
I was just trying to figure out a way to get the run in,'' Molitor said.