fight off

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fight someone or something off

to repel an attack from someone or something. We fought the enemy attack off, but they returned almost immediately. She fought off the mosquitoes all evening. Jed fought the attacker off.
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fight off something

also fight something off
1. to get rid of something, esp. an illness Her body couldn't fight the infection off.
2. to keep yourself from doing something you should not do I was trying to fight off the urge to sneak into the kitchen for something to eat.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of fight off (to use physical force against someone)
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fight off

Defend against, drive back, as in I've been fighting off a cold all week. This figurative use of the term, originally meaning "to repel an enemy" dates from the early 1800s.
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fight off

To defend against or drive back someone or something, such as a hostile force or an infection: The enemy is advancing, but the troops will fight them off. The doctor told me to rest so I can fight off this cold.
See also: fight, off
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Drink two cups of caffeine drinks and take a 10-15 minute rest or snooze to fight off tiredness.
Battling parents occupying a doomed Scots school's classroom have vowed to fight off bulldozers.
By building your stores of antioxidants and vitamin C, you can help fight off cold and flu.
Karl Bowes, Coventry team manager, said: "As a team, we are very excited about going to Arundel to take part in the finals and will strive to fight off the fierce competition we come up against.
By poring over this new information, the researchers identified several genes probably involved in the organism's ability to adhere to the vaginal wall and fight off a person's immune system, the team reports in the Jan.
While these realities might be another headache for school officials still involved in a futile attempt to fight off the mayor's takeover, it's not necessarily a bad thing for education when schools get smaller or switch to charter formats.
A TEENAGER told yesterday how she used kickboxing to fight off a would-be rapist.
They can scarcely fight off an evil enchanter who threatens to destroy their city, Caprona.
These cells didn't work properly, so his body couldn't fight off infections--even a cold.
BRAVE: Quick-thinking Javed grabbed the bin to fight off the robber
After four months, the people who took 200 mg of E a day had stronger responses to vaccines for hepatitis B and tetanus than those who took the placebo--that is, they created more antibodies to fight off future attacks of the illnesses.
At first I wasn't sure that I had the talent, but I did know I had a fear of failure, and that fear compelled me to fight off anything that might abet it.
Because of their isolation, the tribal populations lack the immunity to fight off diseases that may have been transmitted as a result of contact with Western society, even those diseases that would be considered relatively benign in many parts of the world.
SCIENTISTS have spent a year analysing baby poo - in a bid to discover how we fight off infections.
Alongside the legion of anti-aging products for women, cosmetics makers now hawk increasingly popular creams, gels and other concoctions to fight off the signs of age that besmirch young men's faces.