fight like hell

[fight/run/work etc.] like hell

if you fight, run or work like hell, you do it a lot or very quickly We heard the alarm and ran like hell.
See also: fight, hell, like
References in classic literature ?
I have never seen you fight, yet I know that you are like your brothers and that you will fight like hell.
And we agreed, for we wanted water, and our hearts were broken, and we knew that we were children at fighting when we fought with white men who fight like hell.
That one fella sick dog trader he plenty brother stop along him, white men like 'm you fight like hell.
We are going to have to fight like hell to get ourselves out of it," he said.
We're going to fight like hell for David Fleming, because he fights like hell for the San Fernando Valley,'' Hertzberg said.
It was a pleasure to see a group that was going to fight like hell for their jobs and community.