fight down

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fight someone or something down

to fight against and defeat someone or something. We fought the opposition down and got our bill through the committee. We had to fight down Fred, who wanted something entirely different.
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fight something down

1. to struggle to hold something back; to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by something. She fought her anger down and managed to stay calm. She fought down the urge.
2. to struggle to swallow something; to fight to get something down one's throat. It tasted terrible, but I managed to fight it down. She fought down the nasty-tasting medicine.
See also: down, fight
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Malignaggi, 34, was commentating on Carl Frampton's fight down in El Paso a fortnight ago and was looking in great shape.
If the board call for me and Rocky then it's a good fight down the line.
Apart from Dorian Darch there is very little on the heavyweight scene in Wales, so it could be a great fight down the line.
I never turn a fight down, so if the chance comes along, I will take it.
Sutton boss Keogh, who has seen his side just miss out on the play-offs in the past two seasons, expects another fight down to the wire.
THEN there's trainer Chip Woolley - he of the crutches, black cowboy hat and dodgy moustache - who got involved with the owner after a bar fight down New Mexico way.
It's a real fight down there and neither side was clinical through the phases.
THERE'S no stalling this pair as EastEnders hotheads Bianca Jackson and Stacey Slater square up for a fight down the market.
If Willie turns the fight down it's not because he's running scared.
First, he started off by saying the band have been waiting a long time to play this set, then he stopped a song to try to break up a fight down the front.
After putting up a tremendous fight down the 1500m course, Durham eliminated the Tees crew who had nothing left to give as they crossed the line.
I won't turn the fight down if the chance comes along.
If Hakkinen triumphs in the maiden grand prix on the Sepang circuit then Irvine must finish at least fourth to take the fight down to a last-race decider in Japan two weeks later.
Scott Quigg is a target fight down the line too and he's enthusiastic for the fight so there's exciting things ahead, but Kris comes first and Carl will be ready.
We need to make sure we don't get relegated this season, and I believe Blues can get out of the fight down there and stay alive.