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something fierce

to a great and almost overwhelming extent; intensely or furiously. North American informal
1986 Monica Hughes Blaine's Way Maud had trapped my right arm against the chair and it was getting pins and needles something fierce.
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something ˈfierce

(American English, spoken) very much; more than usual: I sure do miss you something fierce!
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mod. really good. This is some fierce coffee!
References in classic literature ?
retorted Robin fiercely, wrenching the shaft from his hand despite the streaming blood; "I have saved one shot for you all this day.
With this the son of Peleus dashed his gold-bestudded sceptre on the ground and took his seat, while the son of Atreus was beginning fiercely from his place upon the other side.
he said, so rapidly that the words ran into one, so fiercely that his decision was as plain to me as my own.
cried he fiercely, "let that show thee how little thou knowest of manly sports.
A score of times I have told him that he had much better not come, I have announced fiercely that he is not to come.
muttered the Grand Gallipoot, shaking his war club fiercely.
Yet for twenty miles and more, through fetid swamps and poisoned jungles, he had carried him over his shoulder, fighting fiercely for the lives of both of them, while there remained any chance whatever of escape.
The Yellow Handkerchief hesitated; but I repeated the order fiercely (much more fiercely than I felt), at the same time sending my hand to my hip.
Jimmie turned upon her fiercely as if resolved to make a last stand for comfort and peace.
TWO GAME COCKS were fiercely fighting for the mastery of the farmyard.
I demanded, fiercely enough, though weak and trembling in every limb.
Two serpents hung down at their girdles with heads curved forward: their tongues were flickering, and their teeth gnashing with fury, and their eyes glaring fiercely.
Do not tell me," said Susan fiercely, answering the anguish in Marilla's eyes, "that God could be so cruel as to take that darling lamb from us when we all love her so much.
As he falls, the Lascar starts into a half-risen attitude, glares with his eyes, lashes about him fiercely with his arms, and draws a phantom knife.
The flames roared high and fiercely, blackening the prison-wall, and twining up its loftly front like burning serpents.