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fidget about

To compulsively move around in a nervous or restless manner. Mary, stop fidgeting about like that and sit still! My mother always fidgets about the house when we have company.
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fidget spinner

A small propeller-shaped toy designed to be spun atop one's fingertip. Ostensibly a device to help people with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increase their focus, the fidget spinner became popular with schoolchildren and those who use it to try to ease anxiety or restlessness. Ever since I got my son a fidget spinner, he's had an easier time paying attention in class, but the school is considering banning them as a distraction.
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fidget around

to wiggle and twitch nervously. The child sat there, fidgeting around for over ten minutes. Please don't fidget around so.
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fidget with something

to play with something nervously. Please don't fidget with your zipper. Carl is always fidgeting with his left ear.
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But a problem far closer to home inspired the final Fidget Spinner design.
Catherine's patent on the Fidget Spinner expired in 2005 because she couldn't afford the PS310 fee to renew it.
Catherine, who faces the prospect of downsizing to a cheaper home, is fundraising online through Kickstarter to put her Classic Fidget Spinner design into production and make some cash from her idea.
Fidgets not only offers haircuts for the whole family and pampering for your little ones but it also has a party room to host pamper parties.
Fidgets is up for sale due to the owners' other business commitments.
Fidgets is a great opportunity for someone to take full advantage of the clients' initial hard work and research.
They feel a private unity that Woolf puts in direct comparison to the public alienation the audience feels and fidgets through.
6) Swithin's and Dodge's ideas have drawn that restless, muted talk from Isa, who fidgets for the cause of ambiguity, fidgets for a qualification, fidgets because she knows easy answers won't cut it.
Nicky employs six staff at the salon and is now looking for premises to set up another Fidgets, which would create another six jobs.
If anyone can make the most of this fantastic opportunity, Fidgets can.
CASH BOOST Nicky Gray, owner of children''s hairdressers Fidgets in Whitley Bay
I remain fiercely passionate about improving the experiences of young children, and this has remained the backbone to Fidgets - a unique hairdressing experience for kids.
CUT ABOVE - Nicky Gray, owner of children's hairdressers Fidgets in Whitley Bay
She used money earned through Kiki's to fund the cost of starting up Fidgets herself.
Nicky has hired five employees to work in Fidgets - four hairdressers and a party planner.