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fidget about

To compulsively move around in a nervous or restless manner. Mary, stop fidgeting about like that and sit still! My mother always fidgets about the house when we have company.
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fidget spinner

A small propeller-shaped toy designed to be spun atop one's fingertip. Ostensibly a device to help people with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increase their focus, the fidget spinner became popular with schoolchildren and those who use it to try to ease anxiety or restlessness. Ever since I got my son a fidget spinner, he's had an easier time paying attention in class, but the school is considering banning them as a distraction.
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fidget around

To compulsively move around in a nervous or restless manner. Mary, stop fidgeting around like that and sit still! My mother always fidgets around the house when we have company.
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fidget with (something)

To compulsively fiddle with something in a nervous or restless manner. Mary, stop fidgeting with your necklace like that and sit still!
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fidget around

to wiggle and twitch nervously. The child sat there, fidgeting around for over ten minutes. Please don't fidget around so.
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fidget with something

to play with something nervously. Please don't fidget with your zipper. Carl is always fidgeting with his left ear.
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How Much Does Chilli K188 Fidget Spinner Phone Cost?
Every dog is trained to become like Fidget," he added.
Adults are also urged to examine any fidget spinner carefully before giving it to a child.
According to Newsweek, a second report on Russia-24 also aired on July 12th, directly saying fidget spinners were an aobject for zombifyinga and a form of ahypnosis.
In one case, Todd Clinton, a special education teacher at Upperman Middle School in the Putnam County School District in Tennessee, was excited about fidget spinners helping his students, so he posted the benefits on social media.
Zing Toys also is aiming to expand the craze with new fidget-inspired products including Tumblstix (a fidget toy that challenges players to balance and catch the cylinder during 360 degree rolls and 180 degree flicks), The Zing Dama (a coordination game with a ball on a string and a catcher ring), and Klixx (a fidget toy featuring a chain link of colored widgets that snap together).
Fidget spinners are not approved by the FDA, so they are not regulated in their safety, product design or composition.
According to The Independent, hundreds of fidget spinners have been taken out of supermarkets and off market stalls due to warnings that their batteries could cause choking and internal bleeding if swallowed by young children.
Paul Bannister, trading standards manager at North Lanarkshire Council, said: "We are advising caution over fidget spinners.
Teachers say the new craze of fidget spinners is negatively impacting students' at-tention spans in the classroom, with many claiming student performance has declined.
I BOUGHT my girlfriend a fidget cube for her birthday as a throwaway gift, after we had seen an online article about it and she said in passing she seemed interested by the idea of them.
Summary: The sight and sound of the new gadget at the fingertips of seemingly every child, teenager and adult across the country has posed a question many people are asking: "What the hell is a Fidget Spinner?
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