fiddle away

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fiddle something away

to waste something. She fiddled the afternoon away. Don't fiddle away the afternoon. Get to work.
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fiddle away something

also fiddle something away
to waste time doing nothing in particular Billy fiddles away hours on end arranging his model cars.
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fiddle away

To waste or squander some period of time: I fiddled away the afternoon surfing the Internet. The lazy student fiddled the night away instead of doing homework.
See also: away, fiddle
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I'll fiddle away with him in a couple of hurdle races before going chasing with him next year.
Like me, you're far too busy in the real world watching our young talent being drained away from the area, as an orchestra of Neros fiddle away harmoniously in Cardiff, to worry about "procurement rules".
He's a nice horse, who had schooled well at home, and we'll just fiddle away with him and see how we go.
But he was never able to fiddle away - a couple of times he had to reach for a fence or two and was very long at the ditch after Valentines.