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Although few, their warmth more than compensated for their fewness.
POLYPOLY a market condition characterized by the fewness of sellers where this has a direct effect on prices.
Furthermore, that this rebalancing occurs to a degree that is disproportionate to the remoteness of the places where contemplative life continues and to the fewness of those who carry on the ascetic practice is remarkable and a source of hope.
For, although this custom at first blush seems to have been introduced in consideration of mean time during which the one who received the money in Milan and was going to restore it at the Lyons market made use of the money received; nonetheless, it occurs to more penetrating investigators that this custom could have been introduced because of the discovery or nondiscovery of money changers holding on to contracts of potential sale or because of the plurality or fewness of them.
1) As we discuss below, fewness arises because scale economies and sunk
He then proceeds to question whether, given the fewness of Brothers remaining in schools, that there is a future for a recognisable and distinctively Marist way of educating.