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feud (with someone) (over someone or something)

 and feud (with someone) about (someone or something)
to fight with someone over someone or something; to have an ongoing battle with someone about someone or something. Some of the neighbors are feuding with each other over the parking places on the street. Don't feud over her with me!
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This is good news for everyone who does not understand why the two talented singers are feuding in the first place.
BEIRUT: Former Prime Minister Najib Mikati said on Tuesday that the first step toward a solution to Lebanon's political crisis lies in resorting to the Constitution and its spirit, and added that this would not be difficult to achieve if feuding groups agree on common matters.
It is time for this feuding to stop before more lives are lost.
Richardson, 52, had been feuding over property lines and rights.
They are aligned into clans that have been feuding for centuries.
This was an important component of the propensity to feuding which emerged in the late nineteenth century.
Citing family relationships that are "strained to the breaking point," one side of the feuding Milstein family is asking the courts to intervene in the sale of the Milford Plaza Hotel at 270 W.
Podhoretz's overarching explanation for all this feuding is that it is simply an example of "what life is always like for an intellectual," because "[s]uch a person takes ideas as seriously as an orthodox religious person takes .
Following the distinguished tradition of legal historiography exemplified by Gaetano Cozzi, several Italian historians (Furio Bianco, Marco Bellabarba, and Gigi Corazzol) have recently moved to the study of rural feuding and banditry in the mainland territories of the Venetian Republic.
Published and distributed by SkyZone, and developed by Bight Games, the mobile gamer is transported to the mountainous peaks of "Llama Country" where two feuding brothers do battle in a race against time to keep their llamas safe from thieves and each other
Leave it to the media to come up with stories about the boys of 1D feuding over their style of music.
The feuding gangs have petrolbombed up to a dozen houses in the Waterford area, costing several hundred thousand euro in damage to houses, cars and other property.
Gardai have been keeping both feuding sides under intensive surveillance and have managed to foil a murder attempt on veteran criminal Martin "The Viper" Foley.
And for those who can't wait to start feuding, play the online "Family Feud" game right now at: http://www.