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feud (with someone) (over someone or something)

 and feud (with someone) about (someone or something)
to fight with someone over someone or something; to have an ongoing battle with someone about someone or something. Some of the neighbors are feuding with each other over the parking places on the street. Don't feud over her with me!
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Unfortunately, the software developer with the candy dish had tried to stop her co-worker's feuding by responding to it.
The poet's conception of feud is thus notably not commensurate with modern models of feuding behavior.
Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy has ordered the deployment of the elite Emergency Response Unit to Dublin's South Inner City to keep the feuding factions apart.
She added: "The school and the gardai will have to get assurances from the feuding families that they will not bring their row to the school.
The gun was in possession of someone who isn't directly attached to either of the feuding factions but could have been available for hire," said a garda source.
Gudeman also said he was gratified that Johnston wanted to study a plan to break off the department before taking action, and he also applauded Johnston's fee-for-service proposal that he believes will eliminate interagency feuding over who pays for treatment.
Now the feuding actresses were competing for the same roles.
LIMERICK'S top cop yesterday appealed to the city's feuding factions to end the violence.
The two greatest basketball players in the world on the same team and it's nothing but feuding and backstabbing.
OFFICES at a newspaper were under armed guard last night after feuding families vowed to burn them down.
What: Quirky drama about the feuding owners of a funeral home and a drive-in theater.
Weapons of choice for feuding clans also include slash hooks, machetes, shotguns and even farm scythes.
At the same affair, Turner proposed taking his verbal feuding with Murdoch ``outside'' so to speak.
LIMERICK has become the feuding capital of Ireland with rival family gangs at war over bitter grievances that stretch back decades.