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feud (with someone) (over someone or something)

 and feud (with someone) about (someone or something)
to fight with someone over someone or something; to have an ongoing battle with someone about someone or something. Some of the neighbors are feuding with each other over the parking places on the street. Don't feud over her with me!
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To fill in the gap created in their social and institutional life, Albanians revitalized the Kanun, the customary law along with the blood feud (De Waal, 2005; Krasniqi & Boman, 2012; Muharremi & Bucaj, 2016).
Reasonable people would say that they never want a feud with a coworker to get to the point of a lawsuit, even if it's in small claims court as this one was.
A FEUD between Sunderland gangs that resulted in a daylight shooting has led police to warn that 'officers will not stop pursuing those involved.
Detectives said the shooting is potentially linked to the murder of security boss Paul Massey, 55, in Salford in June and a feud between rival gangs in the Swinton and central Salford area of the city which has so far seen at least five shootings.
TIMERGARA -- local jirga settled a blood feud at Sam Paty Asbanr that changed enmity into friendship on Tuesday.
The feud, which allegedly evolved from a "love triangle" between the clans of Danil Magalang and Tering Macacuna, was the 21st bloody conflict settled by the three-year-old Maguindanao Task Force on Reconciliation and Unification (MTFRU).
Caught up in the political passions of his own period (his sympathy for the Nazis would later render his scholarly conclusions suspect), Brunner argued that the feud did not constitute lawless violence.
Despite steps taken to democratize the country and expand human rights, Turks continue to hear news of blood feud victims every day, with the news mostly coming from the country's eastern and southeastern regions.
ZAMBOANGA CITY -- Armed members of feuding Muslim clans in Basilan held captive 15 people, including several children, in tit-for-tat abductions this week that are reportedly part of a recurring decades-long feud, the military said Friday.
When asked about the feud during an interview on Miami's Y100, he said, "I think that they are going to be able to sort it out; I am confident.
New York, September 19 ( ANI ): Mariah Carey joked that it's too early for a feud to have developed between her and fellow 'American Idol' judge Nicki Minaj.
CAIRO: An Egyptian security official says a Canadian tourist who was caught up in a family feud has died of his wounds.
Vengeance is mine; the scandalous love triangle that triggered the Boyce-Sneed feud.
THE McCarthy-Dundon gang control the drugs trade on the southern side of Limerick and have been involved in a brutal feud with the Keane-Collopy mob for the past decade.
By QUETTA, November 25, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The President of Balochistan National Party-Awami (BNP-A) and Federal Minister for Postal Services, Mir Israrullah Zehri resolved the tribal feud between the Muhammadzai and Rodeni tribes.