ferry across

ferry someone or something across something

 and ferry someone or something across
to transport someone or something across a river on a ferryboat. Can we get someone to ferry us across the lake to the island? After they ferried across all the cars, they closed the ferryboat down for the night.
See also: across, ferry
References in classic literature ?
The Wey has a treble mouth, and at this point boats are to be hired, and there was a ferry across the river.
With hits including Forgotten Town, Ideal World, Born Again, Harvest for the World as well as Ferry Across The Mersey , The Christians are also celebrating 31 years since they released their first self-titled album.
com Ferry across Mersey Get aboard The new Liverpool River Explorer Cruise on Mersey Ferries (mersey ferries.
The ferry was running to its timetable so they stopped for a quick cafe break in Kilcreggan before taking the ferry across the Clyde and riding back to Paisley via the Clune Brae.
Locals were promised the operation of a ferry across the Gabikovo dam but this project, largely dependent on the weather, has had repeated technical difficulties.
Yesterday THE youth of today listen to "rap" and "dub" But I remember the Fab Four at the Cavern Club And Cilla Black, beautiful voice and twinkly eyes On the telly presenting Blind Date and Surprise And Gerry and the Pacemakers, Ferry Across the Mersey The only Pacemaker now is the one I wear underneath my jersey I miss The Searchers singing Sweets for my Sweet And the Swinging Blue Jeans, now they were a treat Things were much simpler in the swinging sixties But now it's all "sex sells" and junkies getting their fixes How I yearn for these days of yesteryear But they are gone forever, that much is clear Soon I'll also be gone, that much is true But remember this, Liverpool I'll always love you
Tenders are invited for Design and survey work on the projects "Technological ferry barge and ferry across the canal Big Salym Priobskoe field", "Technological ferry barge and ferry across the river Ob in the area of the bush 151 (e.
There is work that needs to be done still" Detective Chief Superintendent Mick Duthie on the hunt for Madeline McCann, above, a British three-year-old who disappeared while on holiday in Portugal "To me it's totally magic to be on a ferry across the Mersey, and be given the awesome responsibility of steering it for nearly five minutes - under very strict instructions from the captain and the entire crew as to what direction to steer it, otherwise there would have been a very unnecessary interaction with the Isle of Man ferry, which would have been disappointing for all of us" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on taking the helm of the Mersey ferry
You can still catch a ferry across the Mersey and you can savour the sights from 60 metres up thanks to the new Wheel of Liverpool.
A FERRY across the mouth of Carlingford Lough has been given the go-ahead, it emerged last night.
A tug began towing the fire-ravaged ferry across wind-whipped seas to Italy on Thursday afternoon.
Approximate number of cranks required to propel the historic hand-powered Saugatuck Chain Ferry across the Kalamazoo River
ey headed to Liverpool and enjoyed a ferry across the Mersey before disembarking and enjoying a hotel lunch.
THE SHIELDS FERRY: 400,000 PASSENGERS AND 25,000 JOURNEYS A YEAR TAKING the ferry across the Tyne between North and South Shields is never less than an enjoyable experiences.
A Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbour to catch the cheap but delicious Chinese food stalls in bustling and down-at-heel Kowloon.