ferry across

ferry someone or something across something

 and ferry someone or something across
to transport someone or something across a river on a ferryboat. Can we get someone to ferry us across the lake to the island? After they ferried across all the cars, they closed the ferryboat down for the night.
See also: across, ferry
References in classic literature ?
The Wey has a treble mouth, and at this point boats are to be hired, and there was a ferry across the river.
And another that I remember well of New Brighton Pier in 1860, but it didn't look anything like this when I was a child on my ferry across the Mersey to visit the famous fairground and the New Brighton Ballroom.
Everyone wanted to take the Ferry across the Mersey but Alex Totten was happy enough to take the train to Liverpool Lime Street Station after Bill Shankly, right, called.
A FERRY across the mouth of Carlingford Lough has been given the go-ahead, it emerged last night.
A tug began towing the fire-ravaged ferry across wind-whipped seas to Italy on Thursday afternoon.
It will be great to ferry across the Arabian sea in a relaxing atmosphere than travel 600 kilometres by road to reach Oman," said Abdulakkutty.
Transport only in Europe to a maximum distance of 1,500 kilometers without using a ferry across the sea.
ey headed to Liverpool and enjoyed a ferry across the Mersey before disembarking and enjoying a hotel lunch.
THE SHIELDS FERRY: 400,000 PASSENGERS AND 25,000 JOURNEYS A YEAR TAKING the ferry across the Tyne between North and South Shields is never less than an enjoyable experiences.
A Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbour to catch the cheap but delicious Chinese food stalls in bustling and down-at-heel Kowloon.
Pupils enjoyed the London Eye, the Science and Natural History Museums, a London river cruise, a ferry across the Mersey, Brighton Pavilion, Longleat and Wookey Hole Caves, before finishing up with fish and chips on the beach.
Mr Belovoshin also said it took firefighters an hour to get to the hospital following an emergency call because a local ferry across the canal was closed and they had to make a detour.
She added: "We are also planning a trip to Liverpool to take a ferry across the Mersey.
20pm on Saturday, after apparently catching a ferry across the Channel with Mrs Holgate's white Citroen, registration PN11 RWK.
These groups ferry across the border, stage terrorist operations inside Iran and return to their bases in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.