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ferret something out (from something)

Fig. to fetch something out from something. We will have to ferret the mouse out from behind the stove. We can ferret out the mouse with the aid of the cat.
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ferret something out (of someone or something)

 and ferret something out
Fig. to get, remove, or retrieve something from someone or something, usually with cunning and persistence. I tried very hard, but I couldn't ferret the information out of the clerk. I had to ferret out the answers one by one.
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ferret out something

also ferret something out
to discover something after careful searching Officials say they will ferret out abuses in the welfare program. If you're looking for owners of abandoned property, it can take years to ferret them out.
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ferret out

Uncover and bring to light by searching, as in Sandy was a superb reporter, tireless in ferreting out whatever facts were needed for her story . This expression alludes to hunting with ferrets, weasel-like animals formerly used to drive rabbits out of their burrows. [c. 1600]
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ferret out

To uncover or extract something by searching or questioning: The detective ferreted out the sequence of events by questioning all of the witnesses. We ferreted the truth out after we finished our investigation.
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Let the Ferret gather and consolidate feedback from all your chosen feedback channels, or simply feed the Ferret with your existing 'Voice of Customer' data.
RNA from 2 ferret HEVs was randomly selected, and the full-length genome was amplified by using reverse transcription PCR with primers based on nucleotide sequences derived from strains from the Netherlands and United States (Table 1).
The ferret was stressed, had bites on its head and a swollen eye.
I used to have ferrets years ago so I know how to handle them.
North Pennine Ferret Welfare homes 58 ferrets, with 34 permanent residents and the rest looking to be re-homed.
The ferret guests enjoyed their own special wedding cake made of chicken wings, kibble, and lamb livers mixed with gelatine.
Black-footed ferrets look similar to the ferrets that some people keep as pets, but the two are actually different species.
Still, the most formidable challenge facing ferret recovery is whether suitable prairie dog habitat will be available to achieve the objectives of establishing enough multiple, viable populations of black-footed ferrets in the wild.
Senior inspector Jenny Scott, from the Scottish SPCA, said: "When I arrived to collect the ferret the staff had managed to catch him and put him in a box.
The filming was a little exhausting for the producers, who spent a considerable amount of time throwing toys back and forth over the camera in search of the coveted "3D shot" in which a ferret was to run and turn, run and turn, right in front of the wide lens.
The current ferret legging world record is thought to be more than five hours.
The event is being undertaken by people who have been involved in ferret care and welfare for many years," he said.
This saga began when 38-year-old Rodney Bolton allegedly picked up a $129 ferret in a pet shop in Jacksonville Beach, stuffed it down his pants and tried to sneak out without paying for it.
According to a study by the Ferret Education and Research Trust, only 7 percent of ferret owners are from Yorkshire, once the heartland of ownership.
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