fend off

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fend someone or something off

to hold someone or something off; to fight someone or something off. We knew we could fend them off only a little while longer. They could not fend off the attackers.
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fend off somebody

also fend somebody off
1. to stop someone from coming too near to you She was never very good at fending off the boys.
2. to stop someone from hurting you The young woman was able to fend off the robber.
Related vocabulary: ward off somebody/something
See also: fend, off

fend off something

also fend something off
to prevent something from happening A politician has to learn how to fend off unfriendly questions, especially from the press.
Related vocabulary: stave off something
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fend off

1. To try to prevent something; avert something: To fend off cavities, brush your teeth regularly.
2. To turn something aside; repel something: The troops fended the enemy off. My neighbor fended off the reporters who blocked her driveway.
See also: fend, off
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And he revealed that he was prescribed the favourite Scots tipple of whisky - and antibiotics - to fend off his illness.
We see Kate rescue the magical Marquis of Schofield from an almost certain poisoning through a bewitched chocolate pot and in turn accept his engagement offer in an effort to fend off an evil plot against Dorothea, a lovely Tarleton cousin with a wicked stepmother.
Together Ada and Ruby develop the farm, make use of the land, fend off the predators, both human and animal, while they wait for Inman's return from the war.
Bavaria is growing in order to fend off a possible takeover by Brazil's Ambev, which has been buying out breweries throughout the region.
Since Hawthorne was unarmed, he could only fend off the coyote by kicking it.
Throughout the books, Harry must fend off attacks from an evil arch-villain, Lord Voldemort, who murdered Harry's parents and wants to kill him as well.
Why not educate their communities, eradicate bigotry, and fend off homophobic assailants?
The system was developed to fend off the growing breed of viruses that spread through the Internet by infecting not end-user PCs but the servers that drive the web.
That was a brief moment when it appeared possible for Third World countries to fend off the U.
Cisco wants to offer faster versions of its most expensive switches and routers to fend off competition from Lucent Technologies Inc.
Here's the good news in this report: the most promising tool currently available to fend off overtraining isn't complicated or expensive, and it doesn't require a sophisticated laboratory or highly trained personnel.
96-1940 (CA-7, July 2, 1997), the investment advisory fees a company pays to fend off a hostile takeover are deductible, while those it pays to facilitate the ultimate merger must be capitalized.
Bittenbinder will focus on techniques women can use to protect themselves during the holiday season including: how to fend off potential carjackers; the best ways to protect yourself from attackers, and methods for withdrawing money from cash machines, among others.
The moves helped the Dime fend off the worried regulators, and helped reduce the thrift's total nonperforming assets to $335 million.