fence off

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fence someone or something off (from something)

to separate someone or something from something else with a fence or barrier. We fenced the children's play area off from the rest of the yard. Dave fenced off the play area. We fenced off the children from the rest of the yard.
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When the school decides to fence off the land, as they undoubtedly will, how unsightly will the fence look?
Now plot owners want to fence off their property and within months the rest would follow and people would be shut off from the sea," he said.
John Shevchik, district manager and Barry Goldberg, preferred account representative, along with the efforts of 20 of the best fence installers in the industry, worked tirelessly throughout many long days and nights to fence off one of the worst tragedies in the history of the United States.
Telford and Wrekin Council has now decided to set up special security controls and will fence off the nest area.
LARGE parts of the Sakhir desert could become off limits to the public if a proposal to fence off "sensitive" areas housing oil and gas pipelines is implemented.
Neighbours of the city beauty spot have complained that owner Western Power Distribution's decision to fence off the site, pictured, has created an unanticipated anti-social behaviour problem.
Brimhall Library have swooped down on employees and injured one man this year with their sharp talons, forcing workers in protective hard hats to fence off the employee parking lot.
But it was the decision to fence off the lawn to his pounds 250,000 three-bedroom bungalow that caused neighbours to raise a petition and contact the planning department at Alnwick District Council.
They are angry that Blue Coat C of E school, in Terry Road, Stoke, has applied for permission to fence off what they believe is public land.
No blame can be apportioned on the part of Billing Aquadrome, who have an excellent health and safety record, and it would be wholly impractical to fence off the rivers and lakes," she said.