be under the weather

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be/feel under the weather

to feel ill I'm feeling a little under the weather - I think I may have caught a cold.
See ride out the storm, keep a weather eye on
See also: weather
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Kevin McMullan, senior manager of health insurance at Saga, said: "The last thing people want to do when they feel under the weather is battle to see their GP.
However Kieran Hughes didn't feel under the weather as he struck a hat-trick for Merebrook in the Tony Smith Cup while Carl Boyd hit two and Jim O'Toole one as Merebrook triumphed 6-1 against FC Ridger.
Poorly prepared WORKERS are doing their bosses no favours by struggling into work when they feel under the weather.
Acupuncturist Lisa Sherman said: "You don't have to feel under the weather.
However, it's no wonder you are feeling deflated having built yourself up for a steamy weekend only to feel under the weather.
If they feel under the weather, they have got a counsellor or psychiatrist on call.
This information is especially handy for people who feel under the weather and want an idea of what they may have -- a situation Robin Landes found herself in when she had a persistent cough and felt feverish.
COLD sufferers are turning to retail therapy in a bid to beat the sniffles Two new reports have shown that we try and spend our way back to good health whenever we feel under the weather.
The gambler was on his way to the racetrack with huge wads of notes stuffed into his pocket when he started to feel under the weather.