feel like

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feel like someone or something

to have the feel of someone or something; to seem to be someone or something according to feel or touch. Whoever this is feels like Tom. Sort of soft and pudgy. This thing feels like a rubber hose, not a hot dog.
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feel like something

1. to seem likely to do something It feels like rain.
2. to have a desire to do or to have something I feel like Chinese food. Carol doesn't feel like a movie tonight.
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feel (more) like yourself

to feel as healthy or happy as you usually are After the accident, it took a year for me to feel like myself again.
Usage notes: often not feel like yourself (to feel ill or upset): When she woke up in the morning, she didn't feel like herself.
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feel like

Have an inclination or desire for, as in I feel like going out tonight, or Do you feel like steak for dinner? [Colloquial; early 1800s]
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feel like

1. To desire to do something: We all got bored and felt like leaving. I feel like ordering a cup of coffee.
2. To desire to have something: I feel like a cup of coffee.
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feel like

To have an inclination or desire for: felt like going for a walk.
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feel like (oneself)

To sense oneself as being in one's normal state of health or spirits: I just don't feel like myself today.
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But I feel like I have to stay silent to stay popular.
I feel like I was going through a change in my life for some reason.
I feel like I'm giving kids at this age what I wish that I could have had at their age,'' Stevens said.
They feel like it's their fault if other kids are picking on their child of if they're having problems with athletics because they need glasses.
I feel like I can throw punches and punches and punches and never get tired.
I wasn't enjoying playing, but I didn't want to stop and have people feel like I was giving up.
And in Bobby and Ryan, I feel like I've got the best backcourt combination I've ever had.
I feel like we're one of the more responsible families out there, but it would still be helpful to have something that could lock certain things out.