be light-headed

(redirected from feel light-headed)

be/feel light-headed

to feel weak and as if you might fall over I feel a bit light-headed. I shouldn't have drunk that second glass of wine.
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started to feel light-headed, fatigued and out of breath when she walked up and down the stairs.
If you do drink on a fast day, it may make you feel light-headed and ultimately cause you to break the fast.
It works within seconds and makes users feel light-headed, relaxed and drowsy.
They are also more likely to have a chest pain that feels like a bad episode of indigestion or to feel light-headed or dizzy.
But it turned out it wasn't enough for her and soon she began to feel light-headed with hunger.
The six-time world champion began to feel light-headed as the match got underway.
After the enemy was rounded up, SGT C said he started to feel light-headed and one of his soldiers insisted that he proceed to the hospital.
Some mums feel light-headed, sometimes nauseous and tired, or have a dry mouth.
Which can make a woman feel light-headed as the day wears on and may explain how Halima, despite her cautious strand-by-strand approach to my hair, happened to nick my right ear with her scissors.
Owen, 19, was driving to his house at Hawarden, near Chester, when he began to feel light-headed.
He offered her a glass while they watched a video and she drank more over supper, but began to feel light-headed or drunk.
But if the fear sticks around for a while, that alertness will turn into dizziness and you could feel light-headed or faint.