feel (one's) age

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feel (one's) age

To realize or be reminded that one is aging, usually because one is experiencing the negative effects of the aging process. My joints are so sore—I'm really feeling my age these days.
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feel your age

become aware that you are growing older and less energetic.
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ˌfeel your ˈage

realize from your physical condition, opinion, views, etc. that you are getting old: He’s not as energetic as he used to be — beginning to feel his age, I suppose.Listening to this rap music really makes me feel my age.
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The message to marketers is: Focus on feel age, not real age (SMU, 2009).
It's only people in this country who feel age is a barrier.
But then again there are those who would rather play it safe and trust their parents instincts as they feel age and experience has an upper hand in life
While the sport has seen youngsters like Rory McIlroy break into the winner's enclosure in recent years, Keenan does not feel age is against him.
Although I am working hard, I am not really tense as I feel age is on my side and there would be many more such opportunities