feed with

feed (someone or an animal) with (something)

1. To give someone or an animal a particular food item. Did you feed the cat with dry food today?
2. To use a utensil or implement to give someone or an animal food. The kittens were so small when we found them that we had to feed them with an eye-dropper.
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feed (someone, something, or an animal) with something

1. to feed something to someone, a group, or an animal. The camp cook fed them with hot dogs and beans. We fed the dogs with the leftovers.
2. to use a tool or utensil to feed someone, a group, or an animal. He fed the baby with a spoon. We fed the entire group with paper plates.
See also: feed
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It helps that he orders feed with roasted whole soybeans instead of meat and bone meal, which are the primary carriers of salmonella.