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creature feature

A horror film in which the central focus is on one or more monsters. I miss the creature features of the '50s and '60s—they were so campy and fun, unlike the dull CGI films of today.
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water feature

A decorative landscaping element that incorporates moving water. Examples include fountains and artificial waterfalls. I love the water feature in the backyard—it sounds so soothing!
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feature someone as something

1. to imagine someone to be something or a particular type of person. I really can't feature you as a ship's captain. Alice had always featured Fred as a fairly even-tempered person.
2. to give special prominence to someone in a particular part in a play, film, opera, etc. They featured Laura as the lead singer in the group. The director refused to feature Roger as a lead.
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feature someone in something

1. to imagine someone wearing something. I can't feature you in that ridiculous dress, Can you feature Fran in that hat?
2. to imagine someone being in something or some place. I can't feature you in Paris. You are too rural to enjoy a place like Paris. Can you feature David in New York City?
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double feature

Also, double bill. A program consisting of two full-length films shown for the price of a single ticket. For example, It was a double feature and lasted five hours, or The women's conference had a double bill, first speakers from China and then visiting guests from the rest of the world . This expression is occasionally loosely used for other paired events (as in the second example). [c. 1930]
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redeeming feature

A good quality or aspect that makes up for other drawbacks, as in The house isn't very attractive, but the garden is the redeeming feature. This idiom, first recorded in 1827, uses redeem in the sense of "compensate."
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a redeeming ˈfeature

something good or positive about somebody/something that is otherwise bad: Her one redeeming feature is her generosity.The only redeeming feature of the hotel was the swimming pool. Apart from that, it was the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in.
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double feature

Two movies for the price of one. Movie theater owners during the Great Depression of the 1930s hit on the idea of attracting more business during those troubled times by offering not one but two feature-length films. That was in addition to the newsreels, cartoons, serial episodes, coming-attraction trailers, and short subjects that moviegoers had grown accustomed to seeing. The two films were not of equal quality. One was the feature, the star-studded movie that people wanted to see. The second feature was a B movie. Double features lasted through World War II up to the 1960s, when the studios insisting that theaters rent two films at a time was declared illegal.
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