feather nest

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feather one's (own) nest

1. Fig. to decorate and furnish one's home in style and comfort. (Alludes to birds lining their nests with feathers to make them warm and comfortable.) With the new family room and expanded kitchen, they seem to have feathered their nest quite comfortably.
2. Fig. to use power and prestige to provide for oneself selfishly. (Said especially of politicians who use their offices to make money for themselves.) The mayor seemed to be helping people, but she was really feathering her own nest. The building contractor used a lot of public money to feather his nest.
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feather your (own) nest

to make a lot of money for yourself While the CEO feathered his own nest, his company was firing employees by the hundreds.
Usage notes: usually said about someone who takes unfair advantage of others
Related vocabulary: line your (own) pockets
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feather (one's) nest

To grow wealthy by taking advantage of one's position or by making use of property or funds left in one's trust.
See also: feather, nest