feast or famine

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*(either) feast or famine

Fig. either too much (of something) or not enough (of something). (*Typically: be ~; have ~.) This month is very dry, and last month it rained almost every day. Our weather is either feast or famine. Sometimes we are busy, and sometimes we have nothing to do. It's feast or famine.
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(either) feast or famine

either too much or too little of something It's feast or famine - last week I had no work, and now I am too busy!
Usage notes: often used in the form it's (either) feast or famine, as in the example
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feast or famine

something that you say which means that you either have too much of something or you have too little It's either feast or famine on television; last week there was nothing I wanted to see and this week there are three good films on at the same time.
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feast or famine

Also, either feast or famine. Either too much or too little, too many or too few. For example, Free-lancers generally find it's feast or famine-too many assignments or too few, or Yesterday two hundred showed up at the fair, today two dozen-it's either feast or famine . This expression, which transfers an overabundance or shortage of food to numerous other undertakings, was first recorded in 1732 as feast or fast, the noun famine being substituted in the early 1900s.
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Several wall pieces by the author demonstrate his plaster slab transfer method, while Christina Antemann's nudes and Richard Burkett's Feast or Famine Platter use decals on slipcast porcelain.
Ladbrokes spokesman David Williams said: "Neither bookmakers nor punters want feast or famine and on Saturday we had a feast.
Ideas about obesity are based on concepts of feast or famine.
EVERYONE knows acting is a feast or famine profession.
Feast or famine have rarely been words so close together or so far apart.
It's either feast or famine for the fragile Canadian feature-film industry.
The fourth quarter of 2003 continued to be feast or famine for the assisted living industry, according to the newest Key Financial Indicators[TM] report from the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industries.
It is either feast or famine - and usually at the whim of the Exchequer.
But fur trading was literally a life of feast or famine.
To the scientists, this suggests that some species snack continuously while for others it's feast or famine.
When a group identifies primarily with one party, as the gay community has done with the Democrats, it's generally feast or famine," says Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Governmental studies at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
Federal Spending on States: Feast or Famine in 1999
It's been feast or famine for the all-rounder this season - he followed up 116 against Hampshire in the opening game with a pair against Yorkshire at Headingley.
Not too bad - it's either feast or famine this year.
Hulme says this eliminates the feast or famine cycle typical of other plant foods.