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in favor (with someone)

Highly regarded (by someone); widely accepted or enjoyed (by someone). Primarily heard in US. John had been in favor with his boss ever since he managed to secure that lucrative client. Though many were skeptical of its success, the sequel is largely in favor with the devoted fanbase. The new fashion has been in favor for a few weeks now.
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fortune favors the bold

Courageous action is often rewarded. The phrase encourages people to do what scares them. A variation is "fortune favors the brave." I know you're nervous about asking for a raise, but keep in mind that fortune favors the bold—you'll never get anything if you don't ask for it. I decided to ask out the most popular girl in school because fortune favors the bold, right?
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curry favour

to try to make someone like you or support you by doing things to please them (usually + with ) The government has promised lower taxes in an attempt to curry favour with the voters.
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do yourself a favour

  (British & Australian) also do yourself a favor (American & Australian)
something that you say when you are advising someone to do something which will have a good effect or will give them an advantage (often + and + do sth) You're looking really tired. Why don't you do yourself a favour and take a break?
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Do me a favour!

  (British & Australian informal) also Do me a favor! (American & Australian formal)
something that you say in order to tell someone that what they have just said is stupid 'Why don't you go out with Brian?' 'Oh, do me a favour! He's almost 50, and he still lives with his mother!'

do me/us a favour

  (British & Australian informal) also do me/us a favor (American & Australian informal)
if you tell someone to do you a favour, you are telling them to stop doing something that is making you angry (often + and + do sth) Why don't you do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself!
See curry favour
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not do somebody any favours

  (British, American & Australian) also not do somebody any favor (American)
to do something that is likely to have a bad effect on you or on another person (often reflexive) You're not well, and you're not doing yourself any favours by taking on extra work. (usually in continuous tenses; often + by + doing sth) The government isn't doing the families of the victims any favor by hiding the truth about what really happened.
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In an effort to resonate with the local neighborhood, the company has chosen to rebrand themselves as Favour throughout all of Canada.
The results by location are as follows: CAW Local 1459, Etobicoke Production: 92% in favour Skilled Trades: 76% in favour Office: 100% in favour Combined total: 88% in favour CAW Local 1285, Brampton Production: 76% in favour Skilled Trades: 91% in favour Office: 100% in favour Combined total: 79% in favour CAW Local 444, Windsor Production: 90.
Perhaps Sister was too busy organizing to actually listen to the various speakers promoting the rights of the laity but it brings up an interesting question: are those who are anxious to wrest power away from Rome in favour of the local authorities really doing so on behalf of the faithful or are they just enhancing their own (arbitrary) authority?
Catharines and Woodstock, Ontario have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new collective agreement, ratifying the deal by 86 per cent after a series of meetings were held over the past two days.
It created an untenable double standard which is now being swept away in favour of sodomy for eveyone including the clergy.
Europeans in favour of the accession of Ukraine explain their position because "Ukraine is part of Europe" (39%) and because "this accession would strengthen democracy in Ukraine" (36%)
Positions of Catholic Politicians with regard to Legislation in Favour of Homosexual Unions
Following such modifications, Fairvest Corporation has declared itself satisfied with the modifications and has issued a recommendation to its clients to vote in favour of the modified Plan.
He did not explain how he knew the majority in his riding favoured same-sex "marriage"--presumably the reason for him voting in its favour.
In PB-22 Harnai, Sangal Khan Tareen withdrew his nomination papers in favour of Malik Israr Tareen.
Washington, July 19 ( ANI ): A majority of Americans believe that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's policies favour the rich.
He postulates that if he did a really big favour for someone, and asked the person who received the favour not to "pay it back" but "pay it forward" by doing a big favour for three other people, eventually the world would be changed.
With respect to the Teachers' offer, the Company has been advised that Fairvest, an ISS company and Canada's leading independent proxy advisory firm, has recommended that CFM shareholders vote in favour of the proposed acquisition at the upcoming annual and special shareholders' meeting to be held on April 8, 2005 at 2:00 p.
To vote "in favour of a law so harmful to the common good is gravely immoral.