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play favourites

To give preferable treatment to someone or something one likes or favours more than others. Primarily heard in UK. The teacher is always playing favourites in class, letting the students she likes go home a little bit earlier than the rest. As an MP, I promise not to play favourites with our public services.
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favorite son

A well-known person, especially a politician, who is supported and celebrated by people in his hometown. Ray was the favorite son of his hometown of Twin Falls, Idaho.
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favorite daughter

A well-known person, especially a politician, who is supported and celebrated by people in her hometown. Rose was clearly the favorite daughter of her hometown of Bozeman, Montana.
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odds-on favorite

the most popular choice of a wager. Fred is the odds-on favorite for president of the board of trustees.
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favorite son

A person valued by his or her hometown or organization for his or her achievements, usually political, as in Mary hoped they would treat her as a favorite son and nominate her for state senator. This term was originally employed for a candidate nominated for office by his own locality. Today this usage may ignore gender, as in the example. [c. 1780]
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play favourites

show favouritism towards someone or something. chiefly North American
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