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In the Dr Pepper research we concentrated on the brand-personality gap between favorers and nonfavorers to add support to our original hypothesis about the "Dr Pepper problem.
At simultaneous meetings, the boards of Aria and MD Foods voted in favorer of a full merger which will go ahead on April 17 subject to the approval of the European competition authorities.
18) It is a matter of debate whether Zeno wrote about an ideal city-state in his Republic (so most recently Schofield in The Stoic Idea of the City), or whether he used the work to introduce into the Stoa the notion that the ideal state is the cosmos itself (a reading somewhat out of favorer at the moment, but cf.
Favorer as I am of antiquity, the accomplishments of our Bach, and of any others that there may be like him, appear to me to effect what not many Orpheuses, nor twenty Arions, could achieve.
On your return from Europe it was generally thought that you looked coldly on your republican friends and their families, and that you united yourself with the party in Congress who were favorers of Monarchy; --that the old tories denominating themselves federalists gathered round you,--and did not your Administration while in the Presidential Chair evince, that you had no aversion to the usages of Monarchic Governments?
A steady and agreeable occupation is one of the most potent adjuncts and favorers of health and long life.