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Concerning legacies, we see that testators who favored persons outside the family usually favored pious institutions, friends, relatives, and servants in equal measure rather than randomly selecting recipients from one of these groups.
Baptist of North Hills) is favored to medal in the women's 100 meters, Jessica Mendoza (Camarillo) will start for the women's softball team expected to win gold, and Lashinda Demus (Palmdale) is a medal threat in the women's 400 meters and will likely compete on the U.
This year's poll, they said, produced different results when respondents were asked if they favored private education at "public expense" and later at "government expense.
Voice recognition is the most favored authentication method, cited by 32 percent of respondents, followed by fingerprints (27 percent), facial scan (20 percent), hand geometry (12 percent) and iris scans (10 percent), perhaps reflecting more consumer awareness of and experience with voice and fingerprint biometrics.
He stressed that he had also voted against most favored nation status for China every year since joining the House in 1993.
found 56 percent of American adults favored stricter gun laws and 39 percent opposed them.
75 percent of Bush voters from the 2000 election still support the president while more than 85 percent of those who favored Al Gore support Kerry.
A similar increase was found when people were asked whether they favored or opposed stricter gun-control laws.
NEW YORK -- According to the 'pop-culture pulse taker' (Los Angeles Times 3/14/04), 73% of 54,731 people favored Martha in prison anyway.
Of those surveyed, 29 percent favored Lockyer, compared with 28 percent for Stirling.
But the three opponents said they favored a full-service emergency room closer to the city rather than an urgent-care facility that could offer only limited treatment.
No manufacturer or software company, willing to be interviewed, favored an appeal to the Supreme Court, perhaps because non facilities-based CLECs require little switching and software technology.
There is no difference, in fairness or economics, between lowering taxes on a favored group and spending money on a favored group.
Last year, a group of American companies also began to lobby for permanent favored status for China in hope of avoiding the yearly argument about whether China's human-rights record has improved.
com/), the Web's most progressive network for young women and a Snowball network (Nasdaq:SNOW), announced today that a poll of young women found 42 percent favored Vice President Al Gore for president, while 23 percent favored Governor George W.