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In addition, the researchers found a negative correlation between the EBA-FBA connection in the left hemisphere and the misjudgement of body weight: the weaker the effective connectivity between the EBA and FBA was, the fatter the subjects with anorexia falsely estimated themselves to be.
All this at a time when directors of many companies are gaining fatter salaries and fatter pensions.
In 1965, Gordon Moore made his famous prediction regarding exponential increases in the number of transistors per IC chip every few years, so too can we expect to see fatter pipes at the edge forcing still fatter pipes in the core of the storage network.
Americans are eating more HFCS and getting fatter, but there's no reason to think that we would have been slimmer if we had been consuming ordinary sugar instead.
Researchers say the figures, which also show that girls are getting fatter quicker than boys, are proof of the alarming growth in child obesity in the UK.
A Connecticut inventor has patented a device that warns drivers when they are getting fatter.
Greater market effectiveness, lower cost of IT ownership and fatter earnings flow naturally from this.
Fatter tyres, chunky bumpers and wider wheel arches will add to its rugged appeal, while a folding roof and wipe-clean interior should please adventurous, outdoor types.
Customs officers decided to search the man as his waist seemed much fatter than the rest of body.
I'M not at all surprised by the stats that say we're getting fatter and fatter and fatter.
Kubic founders Rodney "Mutt" Mullen and Steve "Rock" Rocco have been about, appearing fatter and happier than usual.
Like children begging treats from indulgent grownups at a party, meerkat pups get fatter when they have more adult meerkats to pester for food.
The high-intensity mixing chamber is shorter and fatter than in standard mixers, so the blade tips travel faster while mixing the same volume of PVC powder, so frictional heat develops faster.
As this month's cover story shows, students pick and choose between dot-coin dreams and business as usual at big multinationals dangling fatter starting salaries thanks to the competition for fine young entrepreneurs from the e-commerce crowd.
AT&T says, "Your phone bills are getting fatter than they used