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fatten the kitty

In betting, to put more money into the pool (which is known as a "kitty"). Come on, guys, put in your money so we can fatten the kitty and get on with this hand!
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fatten (someone or an animal) up (with something)

to use something to make someone or an animal fat. We will fatten the calf up with corn. I don't know why they keep fattening up their children with so much food.
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fatten up

 (on something)
1. Lit. to get fat by eating something, The cattle fattened up on the succulent grass. The bears have to fatten up on food before they hibernate for the winter.
2. Fig. to become prosperous because of something. The corporations fattened up on easy profits and low taxes. The directors of the company fattened up even during the recession when the workers were laid off.
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05) lower AST and BUN level during growing period, and higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels during fattening and finishing periods compared to the TMR group (Table 4).
The system had one central exhaust unit in fattening room, with the ventilator located at the roof of the house.
Spanning 24 hectares, the unit has a grazing land, compartments for fattening calves, food warehouse, a machine shop, and other administrative and technical facilities.
She must enter the fattening hut, accompanied by her older sister who is married with a nursing baby, and eat and eat until she is given in marriage to the man her parents have chosen for her--an older man with nothing appealing about him, as far as Helen is concerned.
We asked our panel: "Should The Consumer Network praise Kraft for announcing that they will do less advertising of fattening foods to kids?
They also mean more "latchkey children" left home alone from the time they leave school until their parents get home from work--children who tend to be less active and eat more fattening snacks.
They contain a hugely fattening 500 calories but Stavros, 22, is still selling up to 15 a day.
So how come that despite drinking what many people think of as being a high calorie fattening drink - beer - the singing superstar still has a fantastically toned body?
Helen's carefree life takes a punch when she's told it's time to enter the fattening hut to prepare for marriage.
Bread, cereals, avocado, peanuts, crisps and salty foods were also cited as fattening.
The Supreme Court, accepting the claims of several animal-rights organizations, ruled that the prevalent method of fattening geese is cruel, and that the Health Ministry regulations permitting them are illegal.
At Ty-Fry,Dafydd,47, runs 160 cattle,including pedigree Limousins and beef heifers for fattening.
Consumers are still labouring under the misconception that bread is unhealthy and fattening, and as many as one in five are actively trying to limit their consumption.
COUNTRYSIDE: The article on fattening steers was very interesting.
The pathetic travesty of corporate bigwigs fattening themselves at the company trough needs no further elaboration here.