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However, several other SNPs of the 3'-UTR that were detected in different breeds showed significant associations with FA composition and/or other fatness traits (Maharani et al.
The use of the trope in, for example, an Associated Press report on the decline in UK children's average physical activity does not simply convey information, it also seeks to inspire a fear of fatness.
But we've also got to think of this fatness thing; it's part of the same issue of exceeding our planetary limits.
Researchers measured fitness with a treadmill test and calculated body fatness with body-mass index (BMI) -- which takes height and weight into account -- and skinfold testing.
The sum of the eight skinfolds ([SIGMA]SKF) was used as an indicator of fatness.
We blame our societal fatness on free restaurant bread and meals with Mount McKinley-size portions.
Each episode is chock full, not simply of basic nutritional truisms (easy on the sweets, hurrah for fresh veggies) but the sort of Manichean bullying that attends contemporary discussions of food and fatness.
The study suggests that physical inactivity appears to be the result of fatness, instead of its cause.
SCIENTISTS have questioned the assumption that a lack of exercise causes fatness in children.
Researchers believe CLA supplementation for 7 months decreased body fatness in 6-10-year-old children who were overweight or obese, but it did not improve plasma lipids or glucose and decreased HDL more than in the placebo group.
While my sense of Arab belonging was shaken by continuous Arab failure and surrender to foreigners, it is, when it comes to matters of thinness and fatness, firm and unshakable.
All anthropometric indicators of fatness were highly significantly correlated with CVD risk (P[less than or equal to]0.
He's far too young to recall Wolves' flaxen haired hero of the 50s - but does remember the defender of the same name dumped by Howard Kendall for passing a fatness test).
Indeed, the noun deshen appears seven times in the Hebrew Bible with the meaning fat: Fatness of the olive tree (Jud.