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femme fatale

A mysterious and attractive woman who puts men in dangerous or compromising situations. James Bond is always able to see through the evil plot of the femme fatale.
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a femme fatale

a woman who is sexually attractive but who is likely to cause trouble for men who are attracted to her She plays a Russian femme fatale in the latest Bond film.
See also: fatale, femme
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Many commentators have noted how the fatale as spider-woman combines physical seductiveness with lethal ambition: a drive for personal independence within which the man is no longer a romantic object of desire.
While I don't advocate femme fatale behaviour, you have to admit that these ladies have got style.
Finally, every Femme Fatale needs a full length mirror in order to put together that 'killer' outfit.
I Wanna Go" (click to listen) is the third single from Spears' platinum selling 7th studio-album Femme Fatale (Jive Records) and was produced by Shellback, Savan Kotecha and long-time collaborator Max Martin.
won't it's May i Britney said: "The Femme Fatale Tour will hopefully be outrageously spectacular.
The femme fatale is perhaps the most iconic figure of fin de siecle decadence.
Feminist activists and scholars have always had trouble with the image of the particularly wicked women called femme fatale, says Binias, and argues that the difficulty is linked to an a priori conjecture of many feminists that it is always men who have a problem, and this problem is women.
As depicted in Gustav Adolphe Mossa's 1907 painting Eva-Pandora, Pandora was, along with Eve, another "literary prototype" for the femme fatale (p.
Everything goes hourglass shaped when the story's femme fatale, Neola Durwin, enters the picture.
The tough, cynical private eye that may not be as crooked as he seems, the intricate plot, the femme fatale, the outsized villains, the object of lust and desire--it's all here.
September 15 (Universal) Noir is back: Femme fatale Hitary Swank recounts a sapphic past with Mia Kirshner in Brian De Palma's new thriller about one of Los Angeles's most notorious true crimes.
George at Asda's new collection includes the black lace Femme Fatale set, pounds 14, and French Fancy frilly set pounds 15.
The order of the stories in the collection has significance, for the stories are from the early, middle, and later periods of the Ming fiction respectively, and thus the order enables the reader to follow the evolution of the femme fatale motif through time.
He was bred in Enniscorthy by Michael Gordon and Helen Carolan, his parents No Tail Told and Femme Fatale being former regulars at the local track in Co.
The kitsch figures of the Great Blacks in Wax Museum invade the painting galleries of the Walters Art Museum, and Melvin van Peebles, who appears as himself, is stalked by a femme fatale who traverses stereotypes of black power, blaxploitation, and black science fiction.