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fasten someone or something (on)to someone or something

to attach people or things together. He fastened himself onto the mast of the boat with a length of rope. I fastened a note onto Jimmy, so his kindergarten teacher would read it and remind him to wear his gloves home.
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fasten something down (to something)

to attach something down to something else. Fasten this board down to the top of the workbench. Please fasten down the board.
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fasten something up

to close something up, using buttons, a zipper, snaps, hooks, a clasp, or other things meant to hold something closed. Please fasten this up for me. I can't reach the zipper. Please fasten up my buttons in back.
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fasten (up)on someone or something

1. Lit. to take firm hold of someone or something. She fastened upon me and would not let me go until she finished speaking. I don't like people who fasten on me and ask a lot of questions.
2. Fig. to fix one's attention on someone or something. He fastened upon the picture for a brief moment and then turned away. The baby fastened on the television screen and watched it for many minutes.
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Manufacture and supply of rail fastening systems W14 686 K a, K W14 687 a, 900 K W14, W21 and screw-plug system for W fastening.
Fry Fastening systems specializes in construction tools and fasteners for commercial and residential needs.
The new D5140 half-inch drill/driver offers the same durability and high-power performance as the other IQ Series products and the versatility to switch between the drilling and fastening functions in seconds.
Major Mohammed Salem bin Hadif Al Amri, Director of the Traffic Enforcement Branch at the Al Ain Traffic and Patrols Department, urged motorists to fasten the seatbelt while being at the wheel, adding that fastening the seatbelt reduces chances of critical injuries and deaths in the event of accidents.
During its period of rapid growth in the late 1990s, TFS acquired multiple fastening businesses with their own cost estimating and quote management processes.
Supplies engineered plastic fastening devices for the automotive, construction, and appliance industries.
The CPSC code states: "Guardrails shall be attached so that they cannot be removed without either intentionally releasing a fastening device or applying forces sequentially in different directions.
To demonstrate the strength of the fastening system to potential customers, Safe-T-Proof built what it calls an ``earthquake house.
Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) is proud to announce that its Sylmar Operations (Valley-Todeco) was recently honored by Northrop Grumman Corporation with a Platinum Source Preferred Supplier Award.
The front waist region and the rear waist region are configured to be joined by a fastening zone, the fastening zone comprising: a first side of the fastening zone on the front waist region and comprising a first portion and a second portion.
From microelectronics to major structures, the exhibitors at the FAST Exhibition represent the pinnacle of UK-based fastening and bonding problem solving expertise.
Steel Plus Network presented its 2003 Supplier of the Year award to Textron Fastening Systems' Flexalloy Operations, a fastening and assembly supplier at the Network's ninth annual convention held in Mexico in January.
You realize home sweet home can be a disaster," said Essrig, president of a Westlake Village company that built the earthquake simulator as a showroom for household and office furniture fastening gadgets.
A new research program launched in December will examine a range of topics in fastening and bonding of composite parts.
Alcoa Fastening Systems' (AFS) Distribution/Logistics Center in Simi Valley, CA, was recognized with a Supplier Excellence Award for its quality and performance by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.