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In contrast, So Fast practices "total factory-floor control.
By offering a variety of options in deployment and functionality, FAST Data Search 3.
Most runners plan to run very fast once a week and long once a week.
Fast food operators function in a hyper-efficient mode because volume, not price, drives the bottom line.
He is joyful when he breaks his fast, and is joyful because of his fasting when he meets his Lord.
By leveraging the industry's most advanced search platform and its relevancy and personalization capabilities, InfoSpace and FAST will help carriers realize the promise of mobile search with improvements in the discovery and recommendation of downloadable content, access to the best off-deck mobile web index and best-of-breed alternatives for mobile advertising.
The R&D that FAST has committed toward the development of that revenue engine will pay off for publishers, growing their revenues and reversing the tide of ad dollars that are going to third-party services.
I undertook my first five-day water fast after reading Ehret's book, not to cure a disease but to rid my system of the effects of my fat-and-carbohydrate diet.
FAST AIW also leverages the knowledge buried within all of an organization's unstructured content to enhance actual Business Intelligence, enabling companies to generate new business insights from their unstructured information.
FAST works with other Elsevier products and services, including Scopus (http://www.
FAST has also launched a companion blog to FASTforward '07 where some of the sharpest minds in the enterprise software applications world are squaring off in spirited and engaging discussion.
FAST intends to consolidate the Platefood business into its current operations to capitalize on the rapidly growing market for search-based monetization solutions.
FAST was selected as one of the 20 companies profiled in the December issue.
FAST Enterprise Search Platform Increases Relevancy and Speed of Online Search