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Throughout her illustrious life as a vamp, successful playwright, ambassador, congresswoman, fashion plate, and arch conservative, Luce always got the better of any woman she befriended.
Two thousand years from now, when archaeologists dig up our landfills, think of the non-biodegradable playthings they'll discover: Super-soaker water guns, impossibly pectoral action figures, and that fashion plate for the ages, Barbie, her synthetic blondness impervious to the ravages of passing millennia.
They want a genuine partner in life rather than a mere fashion plate.
fashion plate to choose an ensemble that proclaims her openness to rural development at any cost.
The neighbors' insults lose their sting When you encourage me to sing, And like a fashion plate I pose While you compliment my clothes.
The American First Lady was ruthlessly compared to her predecessor, fashion plate Michelle Obama, and was pilloried for wearing towering stilettos to visit the victims of Hurricane 'Harvey' in Texas.
I don't think she has become the fashion plate that Diana was" - Novelist Margaret Atwood, who says the Duchess of Cambridge dresses "uneventfully".
Richie -- who rose to fame in the reality show The Simple Life but has since found a niche for herself as a designer, fashion plate and hilarious web video star -- arrives in Dubai on January 29 and will host two public styling sessions, on January 30 and 31.
The Duchess of Cambridge is quite a fashion plate herself now and I love her selection of hats.
Sydney, June 12 (ANI): Perfecting every character - a girl next door, a fashion plate and a club minx - with a style of her own, Kylie Minogue is back with a bang in a new avatar for her new album
More than a fashion plate, she's a bona fide art collector.
For a woman who has won more style icon awards than number ones, her fall from fashion plate to plain freaky is surprising.