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Written with a general audience in mind, The Farthest Shore is straight forward, informative, in-depth, and accessible.
Of all the top tennis players, the Williamses perhaps have strayed the farthest from the traditional white outfits.
Farthest North is Nansen's tale of how he deliberately took his ship, the Fram, into the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean and, in March 1895, made a dash for the pole with one companion and 28 dogs.
That places it further away than another galaxy, believed until now to be the farthest known object, that lies roughly 13 billion light-years away.
1c), provided the angle of taper is sufficient and the source of the feed metal is at the heaviest section, Under these conditions, a favorable freezing pattern is assured because the metal that has flowed the farthest (and is therefore the coldest) is deposited in the thin section.
As a side effect, when a small external magnetic field is opposed to the magnet, the portion of the soft ferromagnet farthest from the hard ferromagnet may twist into alignment with the field.
We party to dance beats from the farthest reaches of the European underground, but it seems almost every imported sound without thumping electronics or English lyrics remains outside our consciousness.
Remember, "running the curve well" includes the proper foot placement at step six, a lean away from the bar, and good action with the arm farthest from the direction of the lean working slightly across the body.
Within a few months of his return, six articles, comprising a series entitled "The Man Farthest Down," appeared in the magazine; these were later incorporated as chapters into a lengthy book of the same title, published in 1912.
Hybel then seeks to construct a topology of decision-making where the classic rational actor stands at the farthest extreme of the continuum.
Users slide the platform down the track into the farthest reaches of the space (usually areas that were not safely or easily accessible before).
be shielded as follows: The farthest left hand digit to be completely shielded and not readable.
Perigee marks the closest point of a body as it orbits around Earth, while apogee marks the farthest point from Earth.
The July 2010 sinkhole in Florida formed the farthest south The September 2002 sinkhole m Arizona formed the farthest west.
It is astronomical event and the Earth tilts farthest from the sun.