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to a fare-thee-well

1. To a state or condition of utmost perfection or completion. Her new house is absolutely gorgeous! They've designed it to a fare-thee-well.
2. To the greatest or furthest degree possible. After the economy crashed, the government began whittling down social welfare to a fare-thee-well. The home team trounced their opponents, beating them to a fare-thee-well.

fare thee well

The highest degree; perfection. Wow, you really played that part to a fare thee well—I'm so impressed!
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standard fare

A common occurrence. Smashed instruments are standard fare at a rock concert. Arguments are standard fare for the Smith family at Thanksgiving, believe me.
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to a fare-thee-well

To the most extreme degree, especially a condition of perfection. For example, We've cleaned the house to a fare-thee-well, or He played the part of martyr to a fare-thee-well. This term first appeared as to a fare-you-well in the late 1800s, and the more archaic-sounding present form replaced it about 1940.

to a fare-thee-well

to perfection; thoroughly. US
This expression is of late 18th-century American origin, and is also found in the form to a fare-you-well .
1911 R. D. Saunders Colonel Todhunter The fight's begun, and we've got to rally around old Bill Strickland to a fare-you-well.

Lenten fare

meagre rations that do not include meat.
Lenten fare is literally food appropriate to Lent , the Christian season of fasting between Ash Wednesday and Easter Saturday in commemoration of Jesus's forty days of fasting in the wilderness.
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fare against

To perform or function at a level comparable with that of something or someone else: I wonder how well the new car models fare against the old ones.
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fare up

To perform or function successfully at a level comparable with or equal to that of something or someone else; fare against: They worked hard to win the competition, but in the end they didn't fare up. My performance didn't fare up to that of the other players.
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