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First, since the technical requirements would likely exceed the capability of any "small or disadvantaged business," the procurement strategy directly conflicted with the government's policy in FAR 19.
Because simplified acquisition procedures apply to commercial item contracts worth no more than $5 million using the FAR-authorized test program, the planned five-year, $45 million approach created the second problem, a reliance on the more traditional combination of FAR Part 12 Acquisition of Commercial Items and Part 15--Contracting by Negotiation, procedures.
This will include future procurements based upon, or similar to, the GT agreements that MTMC had utilized under FAR exempt procedures," said Brown.
He notes that many carriers are already familiar with FAR procedures highlighting "best value" features because similar processes have been incorporated in the GT process over the years.
Alaska Airventures FAR 135 HCO3 Box 8762 Palmer, AK 99645 822-3905
FAR 135 1000 Merrill Field Dr Anchorage, AK 99501 276-8141
Once inspection types and levels have been established, this leads directly to CFs contained in FAR 25.
This final rule amends the FAR in order to incorporate policies and procedures for services under Federal Supply Schedules.
Within three days he has a late bid into Marie and Marie accepts it because the FAR allows late bids when it is the only bid.
The new team structure will significantly reduce the resources required to make a FAR change, and at the same time, enhance the efficiency of the FAR rulemaking process.
I want to emphasize that the Workers' Compensation Insurance (Defense Base Act) clause at FAR 52.
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an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Internet Payment Gateways for electronic transaction markets, today announced an agreement with FAR POINT Consulting to deploy Systech Internet Payment Gateways with FAR POINT-developed custom payment software to multiple vertical markets including casinos and retail petroleum.