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Some varieties are striped with darker colors or fancily frilled at petal edges.
Elite membership of Uber-Loyalty programs, all fancily wrapped up in the lingo of precious stones and metals: Gold, Platinum, DiamondAa.
I've known girls in work to "fast" for a bit - or detox as they fancily call it - which involves nuts, seeds, hot lemon "tea" and a plateful of smugness to go.
Packaged Facts reports that "Hispanic shoppers spend nearly 25% more than members of other ethnic groups on food consumed at home, due largely to the importance of family mealtime and large fancily units.
DAV representatives interviewed more than 12,000 veterans and family members, carefully listening to their concerns, The veterans and fancily members were then counseled and educated about any potential benefits to which they might be entitled and, if appropriate, DAV NSOs represented them through the entire claims process.
Then there are the driveways that have suddenly changed from boring old asphalt to fancily patterned brickwork.
Personally I think nostalgia is a good thing - as long as it's kept in the past by remaining on re-released and fancily re-mastered CDs.