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If a coffee maker goes bust, do not buy the fanciest thing out there," advised Dr.
Add another rope that turns in the opposite direction, and you have double Dutch, the fanciest and trickiest rope jumping of all
Some of the fanciest candy stores in the United States sell chocolate-covered ants.
Her dancing style is "a good fast dance, with the best moves and fanciest footwork of all the women's dances," said her dad, Brent Dillon.
And TV cookery programmes are turning us into a nation of adventurous foodies, eager to get the freshest and fanciest veg available rather than stick to old standards like potatoes and peas.
The ant species with the biggest, fanciest farms in their nests--and with the least genetic diversity in their crops--attract more of the specialized pests than ant species with smaller, more diverse crops do, report Cameron R.
You have to have a good enough draw to get people there to use it," Greenawalt says, "but it doesn't have to be the fanciest thing around.
There's 'bout the fanciest clothes-pins I ever seen.
It was the fanciest, most expensive inauguration in American history .
However, when opportunity arises, opulence can suddenly surface in the form of the fanciest of fan dances, with a bevy of girls surrounding Billy Flynn waving white ostrich plumes, Ziegfeld style.
Without such organized procedures, even the fanciest QMC system won't end up saving you any time or money.
As for uses, if you ever get the blues because you're a po'homesteader who can't live it up in town like the rich folks, try this: Milk a goat or cow; make ice cream; put generous scoops into your fanciest dishes; drizzle some fresh clover or wildflower honey from your beehives over it; and top it off with plenty of sinfully rich, aromatic, scrumptious black walnut pieces.
Posting a large hand-drawn chart in the work area is much more effective than even the fanciest computer-drawn charts, which are kept in the office and studied by managers.
has the oldest factories and the fanciest hotels in the world.
We promise to bring only our fanciest and best dressed beers